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Grilling Season Needs Tasty Jerk Seasonings!

Get the Real Jamaican FLAVOR

Savor the delicious and mouthwatering taste of one of Jamaica's favorite meals - braised oxtails with Lima beans.

Experience the taste of the rich brown gravy, the tender meat falling off the bones and the coconut flavored rice and peas that accompany it.

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Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even brunch, ackee and saltfish is delicious when paired with dumplings, festivals, yams, rice along with a side of avocado or plantains.

Made with boiled salted cod, scotch bonnet pepper, onions, scallion and boiled pegs of ackee sauteed in coconut oil, this dish showcases a cultural staple created during slavery that has satisfied the palates of many generations over the years since then.

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  •  Taste the Sunday Dinner 

    The chicken meal may be complemented with fish, pork, curried goat, stewed beef, etc. Add slices of avocado, a garden salad, steamed vegetables, or potato salad plus a fruit or vegetable beverage for a delicious dinner.

  •  Enjoy the Coconut 

    The coconut is an integral ingredient in many Jamaican meals. It is used in gravies, stews, curries, confections, cakes, puddings and soups and it is a must have flavor in the island's famous rice and peas dish.

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  •  Love the History 

    Jamaican cuisines have tasty elements of indigenous Taino/Arawak cultures plus traditions of Africa and the Americas. European influences are also present along with those of Asia and the Middle East.

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